Sunday, September 25, 2011

It's Not As Easy


It's not that I can't be forgiving.
I just had enough of people taking me for granted.

It's not that I don't do any wrong.
I just had enough of purposely hurting jokes.

It's not that I can't tolerate.
I just had enough of excuses.

It's not that I'm being excessive over matters.
I just had enough of accumulating slight aches.


It's not that I hate.

I'm just hurt.

14 tindakbalas kimia:

naza said...[Reply to comment]

ape yg u bli kn i dr new zealand??????;p

Amirul Aqiim said...[Reply to comment]

yeah.. no matter what u do, wherever u are, please don't try this at home..

*gigih nak speaking :P

ada masalah ke cik ungu?
senyum2.. :)

RAIZAN said...[Reply to comment]

Hello Kak!
Why u be cold?
If u Hurt, Just throw it.
If u sad, cry as u want.
After that, u meet the creator and ask him a forgiveness n pray for ur sake. Its a weird world without any problem. Take it easy, and let it be. Ok Kak? Chill out! =D Life is once, and use it wisely.

~Love Akak~

muhamad hanif said...[Reply to comment]

kalau sakit hti g mkan banyakbanyak.


Chachos Cheezy Wedges said...[Reply to comment]

apelaa nie?? xphm... *ketuk2 kepala guna tangan

Tukang Karut said...[Reply to comment]

sakit hati ye... meh aku belanja makan hati goreng kicap... sedap ooooo...

shedameor said...[Reply to comment]

dia speking london youu. hik3 :)

i am S!L4H.. said...[Reply to comment]

hurt - christina aguilera

El said...[Reply to comment]

ada satu rawatan terapi untuk orang yang tengah down. bela rambut panjng2, ikat rambut kat jambatan then lompat macam bungee jumping.

rawtan khas ditaja Dr Rozmey

Salwa said...[Reply to comment]

well, pengalaman mengajar kita menjadi lebih matang.

Tasha said...[Reply to comment]

terluka menjadikan kite lebih kental,ade parut2 kot...taf tu :P

Anonymous said...[Reply to comment]

akak, mis u so much... hepi2 selalu. jgn sedih2 cam as ye.... akak memang hebat.!!!

James Buns said...[Reply to comment]

sejak bila plak ada puisi english.suspen..


kah kah kah!

asfira aminuddin said...[Reply to comment]

when i am hurt, your excuses is lameee! argh i hate you and get out from my life.

itulah benda yg i akan cakap bila i sakit hati. baru padan muka.

babe! chill ssayang!