Monday, May 16, 2011

A Humble Grateful Letter for God


it was 14th of May 2010 ...

I value my life  and the chance You gave me few years back. Thanx for giving me twice chances to live on my life, for giving me strength to look up and stay strong. Thanx for the painful 7 years which taught me how Mighty You are. Thanx for not letting me die. Thanx, Entirely Merciful, the Especially Merciful, Allah.

You took one thing which I valued as my life, my heart, only to give me a thousand more precious gifts. You lend me 7 years of tears only to give me a lifetime to laugh on. Forgive me for the sins and please bless me till I die. Thanx for each and every reason that makes me smile, and each and every reason that makes me cry. Thanx for sending each and every wonderful people You met me with. Please love them and guide them and keep them safe.

In each person, lies his own fate. And i am so amazed how my own fates had gone across too many lives of too many people. That makes everything just perfect.

Bless my 23 years back, and every seconds coming.

Bless me, Allah and forgive me for all the sins.
Leave me not, Allah, I need you within.

 Thanx for all wishes, surprises, presents, cards, cakes, prayers and thoughts. 
You all haven't made my day, but my whole life. Thank you, sincerely.

** Bless me for any remaining years I have. 
Let me die with faith in my heart,
and with my forehead on the ground...

20 tindakbalas kimia:

nanad said...[Reply to comment]

selamat ulangtahun :D semoga ceria selalu~

Mohd Ridhuan said...[Reply to comment]

sedpanye kek...
selamt ulang tahun gak...

syrupmasin said...[Reply to comment]

selamat..selamat :)

Bieha said...[Reply to comment]

beday kau eh perpel? happy beday :)

Aoi@riena said...[Reply to comment]

besday ko eh??
umur ko brape eh??
rase cam aku lg mude... hoyeaahhh!!..
hye kak!.. =D

cik ungu said...[Reply to comment]

nanad :

tengkyuuu... yieehaaa!~ amin~

cik ungu said...[Reply to comment]

Mohd Ridhuan :

memang sedap!
tak syak lagik!


cik ungu said...[Reply to comment]

syrupmasin :

selamat panten baruu ..~

cik ungu said...[Reply to comment]

bieha :

tak ah
besdey kau la

sengal kan?
mestila besdey aku

hahaha tengkyuu.. !~

cik ungu said...[Reply to comment]

Aoi@riena :

ni lg sorang.
besdey nenek aku la..

mestila besdey akuu haa!

aku da lama tau aku lg tua.

kau tak mencapai tahap derhaka.

*jadilah batu..jadilah batu..

batubata said...[Reply to comment]

You have gone through a lot. every single second that you have undergone, it will be paid by Him. maybe all of this happened due to some reasons which all of us didn’t know anything. He will send to you the one who deserve you the most. always ask Allah for everything you need, directly. there is no border between you and Him.

asfira aminuddin said...[Reply to comment]

babe, lambat la i nak tau bday u. haha. epy belated bday!! kenapa u tak bagitau i? ish. so takde hadiah la utk u. hihi.

Milo Ais said...[Reply to comment]

bestnya kek tu....teringin nak makan plak...

khaifaiz said...[Reply to comment]

ehhh... dah cukup umor ker...

cik ungu said...[Reply to comment]

batubata :

for every single word and ur effort to understand is highly appreciated.

thank u whomever you may be.

may God bless.


cik ungu said...[Reply to comment]

asfira :


kalo i btau 10tahon lepas pun u wat2 xtau kan.


cik ungu said...[Reply to comment]

milo ais :

kat rumah ade kotak die.

dengar cite kotak leh recycle.

try la makan.

cik ungu said...[Reply to comment]

khaifaiz :

ha jeles la tu kau da masuk kategori warga emas kan kan kannnnnn

naza said...[Reply to comment]

hoi2 kajen...
sori waa lupe la lu punye besday..
hepi besday dear~ (wekkkkkkkk! muntah darah! ;p)

cik ungu said...[Reply to comment]

naza :

sudah la kau..

wat2 lupe kan.

kalau ingat pun mmg xde hadiah kan?

ahh sudahh..sudahh..cukopp.