Saturday, April 23, 2011

For Those Who Has The Desire To FLY !!!

I have an interesting promotion to aviation enthusiast and also to everyone. It is an offer to anyone who would like to soar the sky and feel the excitement on how to fly the aircraft yourself !! 

Don't miss the opportunity. You also can make it as a birthday present for someone special, just to fly casually, to have an exposure on aviation, to have something different experience, or for any reason that one can have.

The offer as follows:-

1. KL city tour
2. Selangor tour

The rate is MYR 850 / flight /sortie for 3 person 

The services provided are :

- Airport pass process
- Refreshment (Mc'D, SUBWAY, Special meal request
  needs to be inform together with the reservation)
- Safety Briefing
- Technical Briefing
- Experience to feel and handle the aircraft
- Transport into airport compound

Terms and condition :

- All reservation should be made in advance at least 3
  days before the chosen date.
- The reservation is subject to aircraft availability.
- The price is for Cessna 172. Sirrus 20 is available
   however it will be in different price. 
- Payment can be done in cash or bank into the
  account number given after the reservation is done.
- Special meal can only be fulfil if the requested meal
  available in Subang airport area. 

For those who are serious and interested, any inquiries can be made through me.

Please spread the msg to all.

Naim Fawwaz.
Certified Pilots,
PPL & CPL License holder.

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Anonymous said...[Reply to comment]

sumpah best! arghhhhh

shark said...[Reply to comment]

smart btuil ler uniform pilot..
kalu pkai wat g ofis gempak nie

LinE PuTih LiNe HiTaM said...[Reply to comment]

hoooo...... jap nak cari keje n kumpul duit..

asfira aminuddin said...[Reply to comment]

weyh, mahal gila babe! apa kata u belanja i nek benda tuu? :)

Anonymous said...[Reply to comment]

rasanya tiket flight pegi balik kertih lagi murah. -nisfami-

si ngokngek said...[Reply to comment]

teringin nk jadi pilot..harap2 impian jadi kenyataan..hehe

ASaDa RyutaRo said...[Reply to comment]

giler cool!!! tapi takde yang lagi murah sket ke? hahaha... 850MYR cam boleh 3 kali ulang alik KL-KUCH je.